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This online form and the associated Terms of Representation constitute your agreement with Crook & Taylor Law PLLC ("CT Law") for legal representation and include all of the contractual obligations between CT Law and you, the client(s). Please review them carefully to ensure that you understand everything and that the agreement complies with what you discussed with one of our attorneys. If you have any questions about the contents of this agreement, please call one of our attorneys at 801-326-1943. If you have a simple question or billing question, please call Carrie at the same telephone number.

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To the Client(s):

These are the general terms of representation. Please read them carefully and contact CT Law if you have any questions.


If you desire CT Law to perform other services beyond the scope of representation given to you via email, it is your responsibility to let CT Law know. In such circumstances, an additional written, signed agreement accepting the increased scope of representation may be required.

If CT Law continues to represent you after our initial undertaking is completed, all of these provisions will apply, and we will each be bound by these terms, unless we have a written agreement that specifically supersedes this agreement.


Certain aspects of the services to be performed for you will involve CT Law's judgment as to technical matters, such as court schedules, continuances, and extensions of time in litigation and the use of other attorneys and paralegals. Those matters will be entrusted to CT Law's judgment without the necessity of specific consultation with you. Matters such as the making or responding to settlement offers and the course of any discovery in litigation will be handled only after consultation with you.


An initial retainer deposit in the amount given to you via email is required. This deposit will be held in CT Law's trust account. CT Law will send you a bill each month after applying the amount on retainer towards the amount due on the bill. You are expected to pay our bill each month in full within thirty days of receipt such that the retainer deposit is always maintained. This is an "evergreen" retainer. At the end of our representation any amounts remaining on retainer will be refunded to you.

Our rates are as follows:


D. Scott Crook            $300.00 per hour
Jeremiah R. Taylor      $250.00 per hour
Other Attorneys          $135 - $300.00 per hour
Law Clerks                  $100 - $125.00 per hour
Paralegals                   $100 - $135.00 per hour

These billing rates may increase from time to time. Time is billed on a 1/10th of an hour basis.

Other Costs:

Filing Fees            At cost
Airline Tickets       At cost
Car Rentals          At cost
Cab Fares             At cost
Mileage                 IRS authorized rate
Lodging                At cost
Food                     At cost
Other expenses    At cost

Hourly rates are billed in increments of a minimum of one-tenth (.10) of an hour. Time and expenses are billed on a monthly basis. Each monthly bill will include a summary description of each item with the usual supporting documents and receipts remaining on file in our offices. These bills describe the services provided. They will always indicate the total fees for services rendered and itemized disbursements. At the time the bill is sent to you, you agree that any available retainer amount will be applied to the amount owing on the bill. You will be responsible for the payment of any amounts owing after the application of any retainer amount to the amount owing on the bill.

Failure to make payment as agreed will result in the assessment of appropriate interest at the agreed rate of one and one-half percent (1½%) per month of the unpaid balance. Additionally, if amounts owing become 30 days overdue, CT Law will do no additional work on your case and will withdraw from representing you after 60 days.

If there is any dispute over payment of attorney's fees or expenses under this agreement, please contact CT Law immediately so we can resolve the matter. If you have a dispute or question about a bill, please contact CT Law within 30 days of the date you receive the bill.


We will provide our monthly billing statements to you electronically. If you prefer paper statements, we will provide those upon request. Similarly, we will electronically deliver to you documents and other information, such as copies of letters from opposing counsel, pleadings, and court documents, unless you request a different method of delivery.


In order to provide the best service to its clients and to expand the scope of its expertise, CT Law will on occasion retain other outside counsel to assist in the provision of legal services. CT Law will always disclose the names of those attorneys to you, which disclosure may simply include identification on your monthly invoices.

Occasionally, CT Law will request that the attorney provide separate billings to CT Law for his or her services. When such is the case, CT Law will identify the total amount for the attorney's time as a cost charge to you on your CT Law bill and will include a copy of the invoice presented to CT Law so that you may review the separate time entries of the outside counsel engaged.


As CT Law's client, you agree to be candid with CT Law, to keep CT Law advised of any change of address or telephone number, to cooperate in the preparation for any trial or hearings, to appear on reasonable notice for court appearances and depositions, to pay our bills on time, and to comply with all reasonable requests made of you in connection with the preparation and presentation of this matter. You agree not to settle or compromise the claims without discussing the matter with CT Law, and CT Law agrees not to settle or compromise your claims without your consent.

Your cooperation in getting CT Law information and in working with us on your case can considerably expedite the case and help reduce attorneys' fees. CT Law will generally send you copies of all correspondence and pleadings sent or received. Call CT Law if you have any questions. CT Law will report to you either on a regular interval or when events in the case require a report.


CT Law has made no guarantees regarding the final outcome of your case or about issues that may be decided by the court prior to a final ruling. Statements that CT Law has made regarding the likely outcome or the range of possible outcomes are only our opinions based upon experience, not guarantees of results.


You have a right to counsel of your choosing and may generally discharge CT Law as your attorneys at any time. CT Law has the right to withdraw as your attorneys (or, if required by court rule, seek permission from the court to withdraw as your attorneys) at any time, including if you misrepresent or fail to disclose a material fact to CT Law; if you fail to follow advice; if you fail to make payments as required by this agreement; or if you demand that we do something unlawful or unethical.

If either of us terminates our representation, then CT Law is entitled to be paid in full for all services rendered prior to such termination.


Communications with CT Law concerning your matter are generally confidential and are protected from disclosure under attorney-client privilege rules. This privilege is not absolute, and we may be required to reveal information if necessary to prevent a crime or fraud. Your privilege of confidentiality can also be lost if you discuss our communications with third parties.

If the court is asked to decide the issue of attorney's fees in this case, this agreement may be disclosed to the court. If, at any time, you have questions about confidentiality, please call CT Law to discuss them.


Our fees and costs are secured by a lien on leases, mineral estates, water rights, real property, and personal property, including the proceeds of judgments and settlements, which are the subject of or connected to the legal services we provide as provided in Utah Code § 38-2-7, or any successor section or common law.

In the event legal action is taken to enforce this agreement, the law of Utah shall apply, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and costs, including expert witness fees and costs.


We are happy to have this opportunity to represent you and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. Please retain a copy of these terms for your records. Should you desire any additional information or clarification of any of the information provided herein, please feel free to contact CT Law.

(These terms are effective as of July 26, 2018.)

Payment of Retainer Fee

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