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Thank you for contacting Crook & Taylor Law regarding your legal matter. Neither Mr. Crook nor Mr. Taylor have at this point agreed to represent you or to serve you in any professional capacity. They cannot represent you until our staff has made a thorough evaluation of potential conflicts of interest.

Additionally, Mr. Crook and/or Mr. Taylor can agree to represent you only after at least one of them has met with you to conduct an initial interview regarding your legal matter and you and the firm have signed a retainer agreement. The purpose of the initial interview is for Mr. Crook or Mr. Taylor to briefly review your matter and discuss with you possible actions you could take.

There will be a $100 fee for this initial consultation, which will last up to one hour.  

Please answer the questions below. Once you have submitted the form we will begin our conflict check process. Upon completion of the conflict check we will contact you to schedule the consultation. At that time, please feel free to email us any documents that may be relevant to your legal matter, e.g. contracts or communications.

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